Living the Farm and discovery tastes and traditions

At donkey’s pace

With “Nella” , our donkey, you can travel along old mule tracks, across woods and oliveyards.
during your stay here, if you want to go for a walk, Nella can easily and plainly follow you.

The week of Pasta

The kitchen is the hub of all Tuscan homes, there, we love kneading, amalgamating, mixing and inventing.
If you want, during your stay, it will be possible for you to cook with us; you can do it preparing fresh handmade pasta every day: from tagliatelle to maccheroni, from ravioli to tordelli and gnocchi.
You will be able to learn cooking with us.

Additional cost to the reservation Euro 150 per week per family

Biovegetarian week

We grow lots of different vegetables according to the season. We love cooking them. Vegetarian dishes in reality they tastes delicious and precious and we long for you to appreciated them. Every day “Il Giusto Gusto” , our tiny restaurant , will prepare fresh and delicate dishes for you. Our fields are waiting for your visit, to show you where the vegetables you will taste came from.

During your visit you can

discovery  Lucca

visit a Collodi, the village of Pinocchio.

in mountain on the  AlpiApuane

excursion on a Sailing boat 

One thought on “Agriturismo, Living the Farm

  1. Daniela & Renato e Nico

    Una bella stanza, delle cene molto gustose, una piscina per bimbi … ma sopratutto tanta cortesia da parte vostra e un piacevole riposo nel verde toscano! Grazie per il bel fine settimana!


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