Tasting at “Il Giusto Gusto” The Turnip

Wednesday January 15th, 2014

ristorazione biologica I rapiniIs with them this week I want to cook the turnip. Vegetables that grows in the fields of spite sometimes, sometimes not suffer when it rains too much. It ‘sa bit bitter and has a strong taste, you let soften if she cooks with a little sow-thistle (spontaneous and grass up here to Orbicciano under the olive trees there is so much) and maybe a pumpkin.

It will make lasagna this weekend and the sauce is just a combination of pumpkin and rapini, the usual pasta, the homemade one with eggs and flour of Rita Floriddia strictly smoothed by hand with a marble rolling pin to facilitate the work .

The turnip then you know, if you fry with a bit of garlic are fine with the sausage, and we propose those of katy, farm San Lorenzo, and biological boundary.

A sweet paradise with blueberry jam to end the day and have a chat in front of the fireplace.

See you soon!


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