Monday February 10th, 2014

no ogm spippolatura formentonThere are things that enter my head when I can not bear them off , they remain in my thoughts as woodworm in the furniture . This happened to me last Saturday when sitting at my desk farmer’s market between cabbage, carrots and beets flipping through the newspaper . And then I stumble across a beautiful whole page with photos and colorful designs on GMOs . An article that I read quickly between a client and the other but just can not digest it , 600 farmers are ready to plant genetically modified corn and are working with the collection of signatures and protests to do it.

I try not to think about the risks to our health , I promise to forget the danger of contamination , the wind, pollinating insects , bees . I do not think even the approval of production and the loss of the beloved biodiversity. But one thought keeps echoing in my head , how do we sell off for a promise of greater productivity our freedom.

no ogm spippolaturaCultivate, sow , grow food is an act of freedom . Choose GMO means to give it up , making us more dependent anchors of a few large seed companies , we have already stumbled upon this step with the hybrid seeds and the dependence of the “modern ” agriculture by feritlizzanti and chemical pesticides .

I think a system to be able to go on for as long as possible should go in the direction of reduction of external inputs and not in creating ties of allegiance . It ‘s so that taught me how to cultivate the land and protecting the seeds as the only true wealth of my company, and so I try to take it forward thinking biodynamic because I feel that goes in that direction.

I think the GM as a blunder for farmers who have forgotten to be first of all the farmers, and that they are continuing to sell off their skills in pursuit of an economy that is not ours . There is an alternative , it is only a matter of wanting to go along before being forced to do so .no ogm raccolta


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