Agriculture makes free

Monday March 14th, 2016

Piante di fico

I climbed on top of a fig tree, I looked for the most vigorous branches, and I’ve cut some, I dropped an iron pole and I had worked the land where yesterday I started to drive it into the ground making funds holes 50 cm. Here then slipped the branches I had just cut … I planted new fig trees, from the end of those pieces of branch due to vigor of the plant will come out new roots that will transform the wood in a tree …. A bit as a man who planted trees I could go on and on filling an entire field. Then I think about how in history farmers have remained free men capable of self commodities.

Independent from the logic of the market is working creating fertility of our soils multiplying our seeds after having selected the best, free in the bond that our work is with the earth. A sick system wanted to transform free peasants into farmers slaves, made us believe that the bureaucracy is essential to grow the salad, we peasants too busy with his eyes to the ground and with too many labors of the day working on the shoulders we fooled. the dazzle of European funds pac and everything that finance has made the change easier and seemingly painless … actually make us lose our independence means to extinguish the peasant … Resistance is an act of responsibility.
pianta di fico


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