The #puppiesofNicobio .. bunnies, little cats & Children

Monday August 27th, 2018

Rosy, is our first rabbit. she has long lived “guest” of the hen house, in her cage. This situation, however, created a problem: after giving birth to the puppies thumb_IMG_2999_1024did not give attention to them, and this has happened twice.

We would not let it happen again, but were too afraid to be killed her, so we tried an alternative: we give to her the freedom in the chickens’s house with the male, and in a few weeks to see the birth of the first bunnies to #Nicobio.

They are the ones that you see running here and there: come and enter the enclosure whenever they want, because they are small and pass by the net. When they hear us arrive stop, look at us, they raise a paw and then run away.

A few weeks after Rosy also Dolcecuore, rabbit black, gave birth to as many as 7 bunnies. She at first birth was wonderful, she formed with her coat the warm nest for its puppies and now they already happy and eat the hay with his mother.

But the bunnies are not the only #cucciolidiNicobio this summer of 2015.
The Micia, the cat, has three small to breastfeed and we mothers, workers and guests of Nicobio- have our #cucciolidiNicobio.

The girls are intent on coloring and drawing on the large table: nationalities and different languages ​​do not impede the game and the desire to meet and stay together  They try to communicate in a language created by them that goes something like this: “Ummmhh”, “ahhhh”, “ummm”, “ihhh”.

Fantastic !!! Indeed .. “fantastichi” say as  Cloè, our daughter of six years.



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