candy carnival

Saturday February 7th, 2015

Le Chiacchiere t are relatives of the “frictilia” Romane, sweet fried in pork fat, which were eaten in times of celebration corresponding to today’s carnival.

If you come to visit us in these days of February, you can eat. We, the fry in plenty of organic sunflower oil and sprinkle of powdered sugar good bio. Due to their easy preparation we can prepare many and so we do not leave anyone in the cold.

And ‘so, are called Chiacchiere because with a few simple ingredients you get a large number of sweets, and how they talk so many fans and so easy..tanti names for each region, in Piedmont are called lies, in Lombardy gale or gali, in Tuscany or even rags sfruffoli, in Emilia Romagna are called rosettes.


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