Interlacement found..Sunday we make baskets!!!

Tuesday April 29th, 2014


Sunday, May 4th we are waiting for the course of baskets in Lucca with Lorenza and Andrea PassiLeggerisullaTerra .

The weaving of baskets and the stuffing of the chairs has always been an activity carried out in Tuscany : the farmers , the time off from work in the fields, sewed baskets they needed with the wild plants in the area, carefully looking for, select collected and then processed for the plot . The collection should be carried out even having the foresight to choose the right season , depending on the intended use of the plant species scortecciarsi before the plot has to be collected in the spring, when the plant is ” suck ” and ‘ operation of ” peeling ” is to be encouraged ; on the contrary, the species to be used with the bark should be collected in winter during dormancy. The tradition also requires to collect anyway waning moon , to limit wormhole and deterioration of the material.

The shapes and dimensions of the baskets are the most varied , in dependence of the purpose for which they are intertwined among the most common include the ” Bruscola ” , used during the collection of the olives and the ” half-timbered ” on which to place for drying mushrooms, tomatoes , figs, grapes and more.

We suggest you visit the website of Arsia Tuscany to have contact with those who still practice the ancient crafts .


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