notizie dalla cucina

the bread fresch from this morning

Thursday November 8th, 2018


Organic flour from ancient grains, that of Floriddia, sourdough with more than thirty years, that of Pina, strong arms to knead and hours of patience who wait. A bread rich in flavor accompanied by the homemade marmalade breakfast and dinner precious vegetables.


candy carnival

Saturday February 7th, 2015

Le Chiacchiere t are relatives of the “frictilia” Romane, sweet fried in pork fat, which were eaten in times of celebration corresponding to today’s carnival.

If you come to visit us in these days of February, you can eat. We, the fry in plenty of organic sunflower oil and sprinkle of powdered sugar good bio. Due to their easy preparation we can prepare many and so we do not leave anyone in the cold.

And ‘so, are called Chiacchiere because with a few simple ingredients you get a large number of sweets, and how they talk so many fans and so easy..tanti names for each region, in Piedmont are called lies, in Lombardy gale or gali, in Tuscany or even rags sfruffoli, in Emilia Romagna are called rosettes.


vegetable “Zuppa indipendent”

Monday November 10th, 2014

“our” Soup frantoiana:

Centopercento from our fields. I know the seed, the land and how the vegetables are grown: only water, sun and the humus of our land. Free in just eat what we grow.

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Dinner for the begging of the summer and support the project “P’Orto”

Monday June 30th, 2014

P1010703                    P1010700 - Versione 2

We look forward to Thursday night’s dinner beginning summer we are organizing to support the project of the Agricultural Cooperative Social Calafata  “P’orto – Agricultural Products Calafata takeaway” aimed at ‘purchase of a van which will be used for the distribution of fresh, and not only that, in precise locations of the city … It ‘important that you are so many!! Please confirm your attendance by Wednesday evening.

For those who can not come to write the link to the crowdfunding site where you can make an offer in support of the project and receive a thank you original and profitable, even with 2 euro!

Thanks ….

sostegno a porto


think global eat local

Thursday April 24th, 2014

invasioni digitali

Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 11 am and the guys Loveatitaly Riccardo, nutritionist, invade peacefully and in a guided way places of culinary culture, we will discover together with their local products and nutritional properties.

Will be cooked and the ingredients chosen for lunch, savor them all together.

To the cry of “culture makes the network” will be made a documentary that will last throughout the event on social networks – booking for lunch before the morning of Saturday, April 26.



in the kitchen coming spring asparagus

Monday March 24th, 2014

Spring has arrived and has brought the first fruits and vegetables: asparagus this year I have taken a bit by surprise, a little earlier than last year and here this morning I caught the first deck, were hidden in the midst of all ‘long grass, they seemed so little meaning to want to be caught. Brought immediately into the kitchen, have become an excellent risotto the first of the season with their delicious taste. In the next few days will be the protagonists of our dishes … good early spring

The right taste continues to be open from Friday evening to Sunday lunch


Tasting of product from our Farm…CardiGobbi, Rapini and Pumpinks

Thursday February 6th, 2014


This morning Federico brought us some cardoons, it took all afternoon to clean and my hands and are marked by the work done at Alice, who usually cooks them knows, dirty black fingertips. Continue reading


Tasting at “Il Giusto Gusto” The Turnip

Wednesday January 15th, 2014

ristorazione biologica I rapiniIs with them this week I want to cook the turnip. Vegetables that grows in the fields of spite sometimes, sometimes not suffer when it rains too much. It ‘sa bit bitter and has a strong taste, Continue reading


The Right Taste colors table Verde_Arancio

Thursday January 9th, 2014

menu verde_arancioFor this weekend with pleasure that I propose this rice varieties ever Baldo Cascine Orsine , the balance bean and unpolished , flavored with the hearts of fennel Continue reading


A Tiny restaurant turns in Green_Orange

Wednesday December 18th, 2013

menu verde_arancio