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knowing how to preserve

Monday November 19th, 2018

cavolo biowalking through my garden and pick vegetables I see cabbage, carrots and chicory that are resistant to the cold, but the garden in winter has lost all its colors in his fall. While I am in my garden I think about how in the past it was difficult to live eating only what was grown without buying anything. My grandfather lived well and kept in the cellar the wine and the oil and flour a lot of vegetables and fruits collected in summer and stored for the difficult months of winter. My grandfather was very jealous of the key of the cellar when I was a child I did not understand why but today I know the importance of preserving

bio bietola


Agriculture makes free

Monday March 14th, 2016

Piante di fico

I climbed on top of a fig tree, I looked for the most vigorous branches, and I’ve cut some, I dropped an iron pole and I had worked the land where yesterday I started to drive it into the ground making funds holes 50 cm. Here then slipped the branches I had just cut … I planted new fig trees, from the end of those pieces of branch due to vigor of the plant will come out new roots that will transform the wood in a tree …. A bit as a man who planted trees I could go on and on filling an entire field. Then I think about how in history farmers have remained free men capable of self commodities.

Independent from the logic of the market is working creating fertility of our soils multiplying our seeds after having selected the best, free in the bond that our work is with the earth. A sick system wanted to transform free peasants into farmers slaves, made us believe that the bureaucracy is essential to grow the salad, we peasants too busy with his eyes to the ground and with too many labors of the day working on the shoulders we fooled. the dazzle of European funds pac and everything that finance has made the change easier and seemingly painless … actually make us lose our independence means to extinguish the peasant … Resistance is an act of responsibility.
pianta di fico


Il mercato e i contadini…

Thursday March 26th, 2015


In casa ho una fotografia appesa al muro è piazza anfiteatro anni 70, piena di verdure, dei contadini  che le hanno prodotte e delle persone che sono arrivate lì per comprare. Quella forma di mercato ci ha accompagnato per milleni ed è parte del nostro Dna. 

La foto qui sopra l’ho scattata questa mattina in quel che rimane del mercato ortofrutticolo di Lucca, banchi vuoti manca la verdura e dove sono andati i contadini?

Oggi la verdura che si mangia  arriva grazie alla GDO grande distribuzione organizzata, abbiamo abbandonato quei mercati per supermercati e centri commerciali che vendono prodotti calibrati, standardizzati e che hanno fatto almeno 1000 km su gomma. Le aziende che le producono poche, grandi, spesso delocalizzate in paesi lontani, grandi estensioni per grandi imprenditori agricoli. Agricoltura industriale .

Abbiamo fatto  trasformare l’agricoltura in un prodotto industriale e i contadini in imprenditori contribuendo così all’estinzione di una civiltà…



Giornata di raccolta delle verdure 

Friday February 27th, 2015

Una mattinata tra cavoli, carote, bietola e cardoni….

Con gli stivali ai piedi e le mani sempre sporche di terra. Si raccoglie la verdura per il mercato contadino di domani, cresciuta solo con l’acqua, sole e l’humus dei nostri terreni. 

Custodi di un mestiere antico come la nostra storia 



A present for Christmas…. little bag for bread hand-sewn with organic products

Sunday December 7th, 2014

sacchetto fatto a mano con prodotti biologici

As a Christmas gift this year propose a bag for bread, hand-sewn Opificio Seimiglia Laura Mogna with natural hemp rope and Red Bean inside of Lucca – Slow Food Presidium and Flour for polenta, variety Formentone Eight File, minced ancient mill in Pieve Fosciana, from Herculaneum and his wife.

What this tells gift …. tells the challenge of a woman, Laura, who recently opened a sewing workshop in Valpromaro, in Seimiglia Lucchesi. In his project found natural yarns, fabrics hemp and nettle, frames and warps and beautiful works made from precious hands. Hands and precise moves by passion.

The Red bean of Lucca, is a traditional variety, formerly abounded in the fields of Lucca while today it was necessary to be an ‘association’ red and his brothers “to gather the last peasants who still sow and try to protect its cultivation . For about two years he became a garrison of Slow Food in order to give a further contribution in this regard. The harvest is done manually in mid-July, after completing the drying, the sun, the pods are still attached to the plant after which batutti cleaned with the use of the sieve (a sieve of about 50 cm in diameter). A further selection is made manually before the ‘packaging. The characteristics of the red bean Lucca make it particularly suitable as an ingredient for soups.

Even maize formentone is a traditional variety of Garfagnana, we will still grow on a small surface. We can collect about 150 kg of maize. All stages of cultivation are manual: sowing, weeding and harvesting. It “snazzle” hand, so we can select the best beans then stretches to complete the drying in the yard of the house, thanks to the warmth of the sun.

The price of the bag is 15 Euros and includes 0.5 kg of beans and one kg of corn meal.

You can order directly to

or at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning Marlia 8- 12



Monday February 10th, 2014

no ogm spippolatura formentonThere are things that enter my head when I can not bear them off , they remain in my thoughts as woodworm in the furniture . This happened to me last Saturday when sitting at my desk farmer’s market between cabbage, carrots and beets flipping through the newspaper . And then I stumble across a beautiful whole page with photos and colorful designs on GMOs . An article that I read quickly between a client and the other but just can not digest it , 600 farmers are ready to plant genetically modified corn and are working with the collection of signatures and protests to do it.

I try not to think about the risks to our health , I promise to forget the danger of contamination , the wind, pollinating insects , bees . I do not think even the approval of production and the loss of the beloved biodiversity. But one thought keeps echoing in my head , how do we sell off for a promise of greater productivity our freedom. Continue reading


in a rainy day in our garden

Friday October 11th, 2013

porro bagnato

put them at the foot boots and a nice waterproof, basket in hand and not be afraid of mud …

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organic vegetables handmade

Sunday August 25th, 2013


here check one frightens sparrows as a totem to wish good luck to all the new organic vegetables that are in the fields.

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byodinamic the straw in the vineyard

Wednesday July 17th, 2013

viti e paglia

where the warm weather this winter we planted the rooted then we decided to take a bit of straw,

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it is zucchini’s time

Wednesday June 19th, 2013


You can not forget to catch them, every morning become a fixture, just like the coffee and the bathroom.

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