The Farm

We coltivate our property, consisting of four hectars of hilly land of wood and olive yard in Orbicciano in Valfreddana, and three hectars of fields in the plain of Saltocchio ,near Lucca, where the land is fertile and very generous.

We farm our agricultural produce as in a big family vegetable garden, where you can find the season products both for us and for the families who buy our produce directly.

In our fields the old fruit trees are sided by rows of beans and tomatoes still fastened with willows and brooms. Among our crops there are old local varieties like the cardoon, the bean (cannellino and stortino),the tomato(canestrino), the black cabbage and the string bean. We are aware that working experiences in the agricultural field can help young people who have difficulties in the integration of the labour market and so our farm welcomes such people as laboures and for this reason social farming is a must with us.

Nico farm is inserted in the list of biological and biodynamic farms of wwoof italia ( an international organization intended to join the travellers who love working in farms respectful of nature farming techniques.

In our farm we preserve the  Lucca’s red beans — Slow Food

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